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Holiday Golliwogg Dolls

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Golliwoggs make wonderful holiday dolls.

Here are some photos of different holiday themed Gollies that I have made, over the last few years.

Holiday Dolls are Special Orders and may take up to 4 weeks for delivery.

Shipping and Handling is $4.95 -- $10.70 within the USA

(USPS Priority flat rate shipping)

Valentine Golly Dolls

Valentines Day Golliwoggs are so handsome!
The color combination of red, white and black looks just lovely, and the LOVE theme is perfect for Golly Dolls!

9 inch doll: $28 USD
6 inch doll: $ 24 USD

Pink Valentine

Pink and purple hearts say "I Love You".
A KimB Kreatures' Valentine Golly Doll is the perfect present for your special Valentine!

9 inch doll price:
$ 28 USD +S&H

St. Patrick's Day - Leprechaun

Any one who collects Golliwogs needs a Leprechaun!

Large 12 inch doll, with hat: $ 38 USD
9 inch doll, without hat: $ 30 USD

Small Leprechaun

NEW in 2005!
Very small 5 inch tall Leprechaun.

Small Doll price: $20 USD +S&H

Easter Sunday Suit

I make 4 or 5 different Easter designs.
The one shown here is carrying a basket full of fuzzy yellow chicks!

nine inch Easter doll: $ 30 USD

Easter Golly

If you are interested in an Easter Golly, please e-mail me for more photos and detailed descriptions!

12 inch doll: $35 USD
+ S&H

4th of July Golly

4th of July Gollies are very popular!

E-mail me for more details and current fabric selections.

Stars and Stripes Golly

Stars & Stripes Golly is a limited edition.
He stands 6 inches tall and will make any holiday happier.

price: $ 25 USD

LARGE - Uncle Sam Golliwogg

Uncle Sam is a large 14 inch tall Golliwogg Doll. He has a jointed head, and a 3 dimensional face with nose. This doll wears a curly mohair wig, a top hat a detailed 3 piece suit. Sam has a bent style "sitting" waist and long gangly legs.

price: $55 USD

Sammy the Patriotic Golly

Sammy is a small 5 inch tall patriotic Golly.

doll price: $ 22 USD
KIT: $ 12 USD

Festive Halloween Suit

This Golly is 13 inches tall, and dressed in a very handsome Halloween 3-piece suit. E-mail for more details and current fabric selections.

large flat doll price: $ 50 USD +S&H

Vampire - Golly

Scary nine inch tall VAMPIRE Golly.
Dressed in purple, blue and black.

Special Order Vampire
price: $ 35 USD

Christmas Santa Clause

Large 14 inch tall flat style Golly dressed up as santa!

price: $ 55 USD  +S&H

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